If this story makes you mad about the VA . . .

If this story makes you mad about the VA . . . contact your Representatives in Congress and the Senate, or the Veteran's Administration and let them know how you feel about the way the VA treats our vets. You can reference my blog or or the stories of many other vet's and their treatment by the VA available on the web.

Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22,2011 -- Next replacement begins . . .

Was hoping to have heard something by now, but, nothing!  SAD!!

The right knee is not recovering and I'm back in pain.  Knowing how the VA likes to delay as long as possible, I've requested an appointment to start the process of knee replacement.  I can get by without the heavy pain killers as of yet, and while I've thought about going back to using a cane . . . not bad enough yet.  It is starting to scare me when I have to walk down steps though.  It feels like the knee is going to give out and I'll fall (I really don't need that to happen).  The appointment will be on Aug. 8, 2011.  Based on previous experience with the VA, it could take up to 3 years on the waiting list, so I might as well get it started.

On the bright side, I also have my 1 year checkup on the right hip the same day.  That's still doing extremely well.  Will post the results of both appointments when they're done.

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