If this story makes you mad about the VA . . .

If this story makes you mad about the VA . . . contact your Representatives in Congress and the Senate, or the Veteran's Administration and let them know how you feel about the way the VA treats our vets. You can reference my blog or or the stories of many other vet's and their treatment by the VA available on the web.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 18, 2012 Time for an update on everything going on.

Received word from the Portland VA July 13th, that my Appeal of the CUE claim had been certified and forwarded to the VBA (Veteran's Board of Appeals).  Went in and talked to my VSO on the 16th, appealing the denial of my Tinnitus and consequently hearing.  The VA claims that my tinnitus and hearing loss are a pre-existing condition, because the earliest hearing test they can find is dated Aug. 1979.  When I questioned why they couldn't find any for my time of service between '75 - '80, I was told I needed to prove I was in the service then.  Well, my VSO now has copies of my original enlistment contract dated 1975, training certificates dated '75, '76, and '77, DD873 Security Clearance from '78, orders and my discharge order dated '80, as well as my Honorable Discharge certificate dated '80.  Gee, I guess I was in back then . . .  Also submitted packet for Voc. Rehab.  I may be going back to college.

After meeting with my VSO, went to talk to my civilian advocate.  All the paperwork is in and I have my SSDI hearing on July 31st.  Didn't have a choice, was involuntarily laid off the end of May and unemployment doesn't want to pay me, because I stated I am a 70% service connected disabled Veteran and not able to take just any job offered.  I lost all of June's unemployment before I found out what was going on and got the claim going again.  I'm now suppose to hear whether I get unemployment or not, by the 27th of July.


  1. That's a good update mate. Really its a time for everything going on. I hope everyone take this allocation as an educative segment overall.
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  2. I don't know what your MOS was, but we have early 20's Infantrymen with amputated legs that were lost in an IED blast getting less % than you just won. And you're out skiing? Real disabled. Hope they give you the extra 30% for your ringing ears. Thanks for contributing to the budget shortage in an already struggling Army.

    1. @ Surefire11B - I was an enlisted 11C prior to taking a commission as an 11A3Z. As for the skiing, I know Vet's that have lost limbs and are skiing regularly every winter (a couple are friends).

      You obviously don't know/understand the system, as the max I could get for hearing and tinnitus is 6%. Also realize, I was granted 59% on my legs, which is by the VA, based on the damage done while on Active Duty. The other 10% is for damage to my left shoulder, while on Active Duty.

      I have spent the last 28 years on pain killers, NSAIDS, and braces. Also, realize that VA funds do not come from Army funds.

      Please learn the VA rating system and understand what I've had to deal with since leaving Active Duty, raising a family, learning a new occupation (my degreed occupation has no place for someone with physical limitations).

  3. Here is a dream... The VA will improve their customer service by removing red tape! Data accuracy issues will be a thing of the past - hell they gave us the information. Why don't they have it! Fix those 2 items and they cost of administering the VA drops.

    I wonder - was your experience typical? Or is it really worse?

    One can only dream

  4. @Steve - My experience seems to be one of the worse ones. But at the same time, isn't unusual and far from a one off. I've heard many, just as bad or worse from other Veterans.