If this story makes you mad about the VA . . .

If this story makes you mad about the VA . . . contact your Representatives in Congress and the Senate, or the Veteran's Administration and let them know how you feel about the way the VA treats our vets. You can reference my blog or or the stories of many other vet's and their treatment by the VA available on the web.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update to the fight!

Well, I've sent in my disagreement with the findings of the December 2008 denial and requested a DRO hearing.   A couple weeks ago, I received a letter stating that the VA had gotten my letter and that my case has been assigned to a DRO.  Haven't heard anything since.

On the meds side, Doc is keeping me on Oxycodone.  My last tests showed high liver enzymes, so that isn't good.  Doc stated she was going to continue bugging the Portland VA Hospital as to when I would be scheduled to have hip replacement.  Seems they aren't talking to Doc either.

The DRO can end this fight at anytime . . . or schedule a hearing.  (I've been told that hearings are scheduled 9 months out.)   We'll have to wait to see if the DRO throws out the previous decisions or decides to take it to the hearing.  

Will post as things change.

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