If this story makes you mad about the VA . . .

If this story makes you mad about the VA . . . contact your Representatives in Congress and the Senate, or the Veteran's Administration and let them know how you feel about the way the VA treats our vets. You can reference my blog or or the stories of many other vet's and their treatment by the VA available on the web.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dec. 19, 2012 Movement is seen . . . will the end be near?

Well, I checked e-Bennies the other day and my claim has finally moved to Decision Phase.  That means it should be over and I should have the written decision in my hands within 60-90 days, starting Dec. 9th.  Will have to wait and see if it's a partial victory or a full victory.

In the mean time, blood test results show my thyroid is under control.  Liver on the other hand, is still pissed off and raising concern with my PCP.  More blood tests have been done and nothing conclusive.  Doc wants to schedule me to see a liver specialist.  Waiting for an appointment on that.

Dermatologist burned/froze several "pre-cancerous" spots on my forehead and the tops of both ears, as well as more spots on one ear.  Lucky me, frostbite already this year.  She also cut a chunk out of my back about the size of the old silver dollars. (~ 2" across).  Biopsy showed basal cell.  Still healing, but looking good.

More news as I hear it.

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